The Founding of arm-chair

In 2014, Ken MacMurray and Nicholas Kurt Duffy commenced their graduate school education at the University of Edinburgh, one studying Philosophy, the other Intellectual History. Through discussion and experiences in Scotland’s capital, the two relatedly saw that a species of Art they admire, namely, Poetry or Philosophy, was not utilized enough. 

After completing a withheld sequence of poems, Ken and Nicholas finished their degrees, only to consider more what they offer their field of interest. With MacMurray’s know-how, the two designed the arm-chair prototype in 2017. 

The concept of an arm-chair (the phone application) is to bring a tool of focus and exploration to the human experience, assisting face-to-face conversation, reading, and the discipline of leaving one’s phone screen-side down while doing anything worthwhile, even ‘nothing.’

As of February 2019, arm-chairs are available on Android and iOS systems. 

The total time gifted in all arm-chairs is showed at, where there is also arm-chair’s 48 book list (in process).