(Separate from the order on instagram)


  1. Think of Scotland

    Martin Parr

  2. The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle

    Haruki Murakami

  3. The Letters of Vincent van Gogh

    Vincent van Gogh

  4. The Professor and the Madman

    Simon Winchester


  1. The Prisoner of Azkaban

    JK Rowling

  2. Picnic Lightning

    Billy Collins

  3. The Tempest

    William Shakespeare

  4. White Teeth

    Zadie Smith


  1. The Bell Jar

    Sylvia Plath

  2. The Notebooks

    Jean-Michel Basquiat

  3. Heinrich Von Ofterdingen

    Georg Philipp Friedrich Freiherr von Hardenberg (Novalis)

  4. I Write What I Like

    Steve Biko


  1. Jesus’ Son

    Denis Johnson

  2. Ethics

    Baruch Spinoza

  3. An Inquiry Concerning Human Understanding

    David Hume

  4. Wuthering Heights

    Emily Bronte